Civic & Cultural

As a premier international multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy practice, our leadership in designing and working on civic and cultural buildings across the world stems from our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainable development.


We understand that civic and cultural buildings are not merely structures; they are the cornerstones of communities, embodying shared values, heritage, and identity. With this in mind, we approach each project with a holistic perspective, blending architectural vision with engineering expertise to create spaces that inspire, connect, and endure.

One of the key factors setting us apart is our team of highly skilled engineers, and designers who bring together diverse perspectives and technical knowledge to deliver integrated solutions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and computational tools, we push the boundaries of design possibilities while ensuring structural integrity, energy efficiency, and environmental resilience. Our collaborative approach fosters innovation and enables us to tailor solutions to the unique cultural, social, and environmental contexts of each project location.

Moreover, our track record of successful projects around the globe speaks volumes about our proficiency and adaptability in diverse settings. From iconic museums, courthouses and theaters to vibrant community centers and public spaces, our portfolio showcases our ability to translate client aspirations into transformative built environments. Whether navigating complex regulatory frameworks, optimizing construction methodologies, or engaging stakeholders, we navigate challenges with finesse, ensuring timely delivery and exceeding expectations. As leaders in the field, we remain committed to shaping the future of civic and cultural buildings, enriching lives, and fostering a sense of belonging wherever our projects stand.


Mahdi Sarkhosh

Director – Eastern Canada

Mario Staiano

Director – United Kingdom

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“The CES team were extremely dedicated, professional, and delivered their required services over and above Oxfords expectations. As owner representative, I would recommend CES for future projects.”

Property Manager, Oxford Properties Group

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