CES Group has an extensive range of experience of working within the industrial sector and, importantly a lot of this has been gained whilst designing large scale global distribution and fulfillment centers.

We assemble teams that can bring a unique range of skills to our projects to ensure that we identify and quickly resolve the important challenges that can present themselves.

CES has previous experience of working in industrial environments and as such understands the importance of ensuring that complex issues and procedures relating to such schemes are considered. We have worked on various mid-to-large-scale projects across both North America and Europe.

Our engineers have significant experience of working on multiple industrial projects for high end global distributors, having successfully led the MEP and Commissioning, design, and delivery of a significant number of Amazon distribution centers in both continents.

Generally industrial developments are constructed within very constrained and sometimes dangerous environments; therefore, we can provide considerations to the phasing of the construction in our design works commensurate with the surrounding environs.

CES Group and its engineers have worked on a number of projects which have high security significance, most notably these include the Parliamentary Estate, Ministry of Defense property and Amazon portfolio to name a few, and therefore have valuable experience of building security into our design offering. We are confident that we are able to provide added value to projects, if any elements of specialist security need to be considered.


Boban Ratkovich


Mahdi Sarkhosh

Director – Eastern Canada

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“The CES team were extremely dedicated, professional, and delivered their required services over and above Oxfords expectations. As owner representative, I would recommend CES for future projects.”

Property Manager, Oxford Properties Group

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