Modern Methods of Construction

MMC developments ranging from low rise housing to taller towers in both seismic, arctic, and marine locations globally have challenged how we develop each solution, and we are continuing to grow our MMC team, across the globe, to meet the expanding requirement for this method of construction.

CES Group works exclusively with developers and offsite manufacturers, working with fellow design teams, for the design and delivery of modular projects around the world. Developed from our ongoing partnerships with modular solutions providers, we have worked together to develop solutions for the residential, retail and hotel industries working with major developers both privately and at federal level to develop modular solutions for all scenarios.

Due to our extensive experience in MMC & DfMA construction techniques, CES are leaders across the globe in delivering prefabricated and modular developments, this has led to CES maintaining a detailed understanding of the principles of both design and procurement for projects utilizing these methods of construction.


Stuart Cameron

Group Managing Director

Mateusz Kowalewski

Associate Director

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Project Manager, Colliers Project Leaders

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