CES is a leader in high-rise building design and has a proven track record both in North America, Europe and the Middle East. From Telus Sky in Calgary, multi-use residential towers in London, UK, to super high rise giga projects in the Gulf States, CES has successfully delivered many high-rise buildings locally, helping our cities attain new heights.


A performance-based approach to the design of high-rise buildings provides the flexibility and efficiency that is required by the owners and users of such buildings. CES’s experience covers the full range of building services including HVAC, fire services, plumbing, drainage, electrical, building management, public address, telecommunication, security as well as commissioning services.

CES has broad experience in the design of electrical and mechanical services for high-rise buildings, having worked on towers up to 350m in height.

A holistic approach is always adopted such that major concerns on MEP design for tall buildings will be addressed, including core size, floor efficiency and structural span, floor height, clear headroom, and vertical zoning. High-rise buildings are often considered as a small community in terms of the number of occupants that can be accommodated, and as such, the energy strategy is crucial to minimize energy consumption.


Stuart Cameron

Group Managing Director

Brett Crawford

Director – Western Canada

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“I would recommend CES to any firm/City that requires knowledgeable and technical staff to deliver commissioning projects of any magnitude.”

Project Manager, Colliers Project Leaders

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