Unlocking seamless mobility and innovation in the transportation sector is at the core of our multidisciplinary engineering consultancy.

With a dedicated focus on airports and transit systems, we are the trusted partner for navigating the complexities of modern transportation infrastructure.

Our team of experts combines decades of experience in mechanical, and electrical engineering with cutting-edge technologies to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of airports and transit hubs. From runway expansions to terminal renovations, from optimizing passenger flow to implementing sustainable energy solutions, we are committed to driving efficiency, safety, and sustainability in every aspect of transportation engineering. Partner with us to elevate your transportation infrastructure to new heights.


Mahdi Sarkhosh

Director – Eastern Canada

“The CES team were extremely dedicated, professional, and delivered their required services over and above Oxfords expectations. As owner representative, I would recommend CES for future projects.”

Property Manager, Oxford Properties Group

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