Condition Assessments & Asset Management

Our personnel have expert knowledge in facility assessments and have completed hundreds of facility assessment studies for various types of buildings worldwide.

We are strong advocates of life cycle costing when evaluating equipment replacement and factor the residual operational life of equipment into life cycle costing. This holistic analysis makes equipment replacement based simply on energy saving quite often less attractive or not economically feasible. Our first approach is almost always augmenting the existing equipment with additional features (i.e. heat recovery and similar) than to replace existing equipment at around mid-life expectancy range.

Our personnel are certified in advanced investigation techniques such as infrared thermography and ultrasonic testing of pipe thickness and utilize these in facility condition assessments. We have completed numerous piping studies utilizing video scoping inspections for storm and sanitary drainage piping systems.

CES senior personnel acted as the Prime Consultants for an internal audit of the procedures and methodologies utilized by the BC Housing Facility Condition Index program.

Our experience in asset management includes for

  • Expertise to evaluate the asset condition and integration of this data into the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Expertise in asset management plans and their integration into CMMS
  • Expertise on developing performance asset indices and Corporate Asset Memory
  • Application of specialized Commissioning Software such as BlueRithm and Facility Grid to provide continuity of information from design documents and submittals i.e. equipment performance parameters, make, model, …, etc. into the Maintenance and Renewal Plans, Systems Manuals and/or Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in a COBIE-compliant file format.


Mahdi Sarkhosh

Director – Eastern Canada

Mario Staiano

Director – United Kingdom

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