Energy Engineering

CES Group has completed hundreds of ASHRAE Level 1 energy studies and over a hundred ASHRAE LEVEL II energy studies for institutional, research and office spaces totaling over 10 million square meters.

Our Level II energy studies experience extends from typical high-cost capital intensive measures to expertise for identification, implementation, and verification of the low-cost energy measures with less than two years simple payback and with limited infrastructure upgrades.

Identified conservation measures on these projects were saving on average over 15% of the total annual energy consumption. Energy savings are calculated using custom calibrated energy calculation tools, which are tuned to match the actual building energy consumption within less than 1% annually and within 5% average based on temperature bin models.

Energy Modelling & Incentive Programs

Our personnel possess comprehensive knowledge and experience in a variety of energy modeling computer programs and in creating calibrated energy simulations. We have created custom-made calculation tools to improve and streamline the analysis process, using inverse modeling techniques. The company portfolio includes energy study and modeling services across all sectors.

The energy models are completed utilizing various commercial software tools depending on application (EE4, E-Quest, Energy Plus, IES VE). Our modelling process is compliant to Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB), ASHRAE 90.1, CIBSE AM11, BREEAM and LEED modelling procedures.

CES has dedicated in-house experts for government incentive energy programs and have been providing energy modeling for the following requirements:

  • New construction projects in line with LEED NC EA Prerequisite Credit 2 and EA Credit 1.
  • New construction projects in line with BREEAM.
  • New construction projects requiring energy models for building permit applications, pre-planning conditions and /or
  • Energy Modelling confirming overall building energy performance as part of various government and utilities incentive applications.
  • M&V processes energy simulations
  • Inverse Modelling and Performance Benchmarking
  • Real Versus estimated energy consumptions


Dimitri Manic

Building Analysis Lead

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