Laboratory Containment

We have expert experience in design, construction, commissioning and operation of laboratory, critical environments, and research facilities, including containment, clean rooms, and vivarium spaces.

Drawing on years of experience in design, construction, commissioning, testing and certification of containment laboratories we are able to provide insights into the physical and operational condition of systems with minimal use of invasive investigation measures.

Our demonstrated familiarity and competence in all applicable standards help us establish trust and confidence with Biosafety Officers, Technical Facility Managers, Laboratory Managers, and other user groups.

Drawing on deep knowledge of Canadian Biosafety Standards and Guidelines (CBSG) and other global codes, physical containment requirements, and common accepted approaches to architectural, mechanical, controls and electrical system design and installation, we are able to efficiently process large volumes of information from various sources (drawings, site observations and photos, etc.), then categorize, analyze and develop a reporting structure to comprehensively summarize the operating condition of laboratories.


Boban Ratkovich


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